Messini’s general urban plan in LP3 area was approved

ENCODIA is proud to announce the approval of Messini’s General Urban Plan modification (GG 251/D/2022).

Messini’s general urban plan was approved in 2009 (GG 304/AAP/2009). However, it was noticed, that there were no defined land uses in area LP3, which is a 1200 acres rural area. This study, defined land uses and building terms in the whole LP3 area and was approved in 2022 (GG 251/D/2022).

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The general urban plan of Assos - Lechaio has been approved in 4/2022.

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The general urban plan of Loutraki - Perachora has been approved in 3/2022.

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The general urban plan of Tenea has been approved in 2/2022.

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