Engineering Licenses

Comprehensive list of our professional engineering licenses for public work studies from the Public Works Registry of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation.

ENCODIA is registered in the Public Works Registry of the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation (No 823) and holds the following licenses for Public Works project categories:

No Description Category
01 Spatial and regulatory studies A
02 Urban and street studies A
03 Economic studies A
05 Organizational and operational research studies A
06 Architectural design of buildings B
07 Special architectural design B
08 Structural design C
09 Mechanical and electrical design C
10 Transportation and traffic engineering design C
11 Port engineering design A
13 Hydraulics and hydrology D
14 Energy studies A
16 Survey engineering B
18 Chemical engineering A
19 Mining studies and surveys A
20 Geological studies A
21 Geotechnical studies and surveys B
24 Forest studies C
27 Environmental studies B