Human Resources

Learn more about the people who make up the workforce of ENCODIA: engineers, scientists and auxiliary staff.

Our staff has significant professional experience and several of our members have also teaching experience and conduct research activities along with several universities, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Technical University of Athens, Technical Institute of Piraeus etc and have published numerous scientific articles in international refereed journals and presented their research activities in conferences and workshops.


  • F. Fotopoulos, Civil Eng., Μ.Sc. NTUA & ΜΙΤ, PhD.

Civil Engineers:

  • Α. Charalambakis, Civil Eng., Μ.Sc.Imperial College, PhD.
  • Ι. Fotopoulou, Infrastructure Eng.
  • Μ. Giannakaki, Civil Eng.
  • Ε. Liosi, Civil Infrastructure Engineer Μ.Sc.
  • V. Mastrantoni, Civil Eng.
  • K. Monokrousou, Civil Engineer, Physicist.
  • V. Spanou, Civil Engineer.
  • D. Chaidemenou, Infrastructure Eng.
  • O. Verroios, Civil Eng., M.Sc.
  • E. Psarrou, Civil Eng.


  • D. Mirtsekis, Architect.
  • Μ. Tsougianni, Architect.
  • A. Riga, Architect.

Rural and Surveying Engineers:

  • A. Gavathas, Rural and Surveying Engineer, Μ.Sc.

Electrical and mechanical engineers:

  • G. Chioti, Mechanical Engineer. 


  • M. Kossida, Geologist, PhD.

Other staff:

  • I. Aslanoglou, Economist.
  • K. Giannouchos, Forestry Eng.
  • E. Karapetakou, Chemical Engineer, Μ.Sc.
  • S. Simeonides, Mining and Metallurgy Engineer, ΜΒΑ.