Human Resources

Learn more about the people who make up the workforce of ENCODIA: engineers, scientists and auxiliary staff.

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Engineering Licenses

Comprehensive list of our professional engineering licenses for public work studies from the Public Works Registry of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation.

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Quality Assurance

Learn more about how ENCODIA implements ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 to ensure quality in its projects.

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Our services

ENCODIA offers technical and legal consulting on a variety of subjects. In every task we combine engineers (civil, mechanical, survey, architects, maritime, etc) and lawyers specialized in infrastructure works, urban planning, civil cases related to technical issues and more.

Technical due diligence

Planning to invest on a new project or re-evaluating an existing one? We can offer a comprehensive due diligence to cover every aspect necessary.

Seveso III installations

If your installation falls under the EU Directive 2012/18 on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances, we can license it.

Environmental licensing

We can license, modify and / or renew any project for all three environmental categories (Law 4014/2011): A1, A2 and B.

Energy conservation

We struggle to design energy saving installations and we specialize in renewable energy sources including solar and wind.

Operating permits

We can handle all the paperwork and the administrative procedures that lead to the necessary operating permit.

Building permits

No matter if your are looking for a building permit for renovation, expansion or new installation, we can produce all studies and paperwork for it.


This section contains several of our projects. Select a category to browse through our work.

 Environmental Impact Assessment of the Cannabis Growing and Processing Plant within the Industrial Zone of Corinth.

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The unit deals with the greenhouse cultivation and industrial processing of cannabis flowers to produce medicines in a single area of about 18 acres -...

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Improvement of the coastal road Nies - Ag. Marina of Almyros Municipality (11.5 km).

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Land survey and transportation studies for improving the existing costal road in Nies, Municipality of Almyros.

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New sports center in Almyros

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New sports center (basketball, volleyball) in Almyros.

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Continuous dynamic growth

ENCODIA serves both public and private sectors and up to this date, we offer solutions and support to a variety of engineering fields.


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